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Why Pay Twice For Something

When You Should Only Pay Once


 I may be old fashioned,
 But I take pride in my work!
That's why....


 "I Do It Right The First Time"!




I have a wide range of Landscape & construction services. Check out the list below. It could be from a simple fix to a major project. There is only one thing, I dont't possess a Contractor's License. I can only do contracts up to $500 anything after that must need a lic contractor . I'm happy just doing the Jobs that I'm doing!



I can design your dream landscape, either by a computer design draft, or on paper. I can install Irragation systems, new & old lawns, planting, Installing brick construction, concrete, etc. I can only do contracts up to $500.00 by law. I am working at getting a Landscape Lic. It may be a while before that happens, as I'm always working alot at some point. I will show the lic. # when available.




 For all who need's a lawn or garden service. Here are the rates of lawn & garden services.

Rates start as low as

$10/week, for clothed,

$10/week for nude

Clothes Optional Lawn Care Service


Home Improvement Repairs

Complete House Rehabs

Fences -- Wood / chain-link & Iron

Pressure washing

Termite Repair

Drywall Installation/Repair & Finishing

Copper pipe repair & Installation

Electric wiring Installation & Service

Painting: Interior/Exterior

Drip Irrigation & Repair Service

Interior decorating & Design

New & Old Construction & Framing

Landscaping Installation & Design

Irrigation Systems Installation

Low voltage lighting

Lawn Maintenance Service

Tree Cutting Service & Removal

Clean-ups & Hauling

RV Repair Service

RV Solar Installation & Design

This was the Before picture's of the planter before I started

After you see the "After Picture's" You wouldn't believe that it would be the same one! 

This is the other side of walkway of the Before picture's before I started

Your probably thinking that it was  a plain planter, but once I started working at getting it just right, it looked like this " Below "


Landscape done in the North area of San Bernardino @ An Apartment Complex (Finished April 23rd 2012)


Now you can see the differance how it looked before, & what a differance it made!


The rest of the picture's during the work are in the gallery page